Did you know that by not changing the oil in your car, you could end up spending thousands on repairing your engine? That’s right, oil helps make automobiles run smoothly and without an oil change, the engine will suffer serious damages that’ll you will pay for tenfold. Save yourself the stress, time and money and be sure to properly maintain your car by changing the oil regularly. Ideally, you want to schedule an oil change after your car has seen three months or 5,000 kilometres. If not, the oil is likely to corrode and wreak havoc on your vehicle and engine. Nearly everything can affect your car’s performance, be diligent and make sure it is getting the proper maintenance.

The High Cost of Engine Neglect

Dirt particles, dust, and debris can eventually build up in an engine and affect a vehicle’s performance. Fresh engine oil lubricates all moving parts allowing for a smoother ride and a longer lifespan for your vehicle. Neglecting to change your oil will cost more in the long run. Don’t risk serious damage to your engine. Have your oil checked regularly and receive practical car care tips from our friendly auto repair experts.

Only A Few Minutes Can Save Hours of Costly Repairs

When you have an oil change at Hesp Automotive, our qualified staff will change your oil, perform a safety inspection, and provide you with a sticker to reminder you of your next recommended visit. Don’t wait until a simple oil change turns into a bigger repair problem. Consult regularly with automotive specialists for practical preventative maintenance tips. We invite motorists to contact us to schedule an appointment, or to ask about any car care concern.