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Since 1948, Land Rovers have formed part of British heritage and agriculture. As a result, they are a true icon. It’s more important than ever to keep a classic Land Rovers running efficiently.

Come in & find out about converting the truck you already love to electric with our proprietary Land Rover EV conversions!

At Hesp Originals, our kits have been designed to retain as much of it’s classic & utilitarian character whilst improving design and manufacturing conversion parts to a high standard. Our proprietary drop-in conversion kits are designed to be fitted by a trained specialist with as little fuss as possible. These conversion kits are current and compatible with all modern charging facilities, both at home and on the road.

Classic style & modern technology, with our EV kits, you can have both! Our EV kits reduce the mechanical complexities, our goal is to get these trucks out and enjoyed!

In 30 days we guarantee you an EV conversion on your Series & Defender or the 1st tank is on us!

Come and join us on this new journey! We are now taking booking for the fall.

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