Grinding into gear or going nowhere fast? Your transmission controls the transfer of engine power to the wheels and enables you to smoothly change gears and control speed… or sometimes not very smoothly.

Not everyone thinks about the transmission of their car until something goes wrong, but every vehicle owner should know that a transmission service is just as important as replacing their engine oil. Transmission fluid serves as both an oil and a hydraulic fluid that helps facilitate gear shifts, cools the transmission and lubricates moving parts, so it requires professional maintenance.

A variety of assessments and procedures are performed during transmission service and mainly involves a multi-check inspection which can include a road test, fluid check, a pan examination and a lift diagnostic. Here at Hesp Automotive, our professionals can help you keep your transmission capable of getting you where you need to go, worry free.

Common signs of transmission issues:

  • Transmission is not engaging or staying in gear or is slow or difficult to get into gear  

  • Clutch pedal engages very low or very high. 

  • Manual transmission is grinding when shifting gears.

  • Leaking transmission fluid – reddish fluid under your vehicle.

  • A burning smell from fluid leak, or a burning clutch smell. 

  • Humming, buzzing, clunking sound.

  • Vehicle has little or no power when the engine is running properly.

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