Unless you are a gearhead, you may not be aware of a little piece of machinery in your vehicle known as the differential.

The differential is found in most vehicles, especially any vehicles that boast an all-wheel or four-wheel drive feature. And because this gearbox is in charge of converting engine power and its transmission to the wheels, allowing them to turn at varying speeds, it is incredibly important that your vehicle’s differentials get regular maintenance and repairs whenever they start squealing.

At Hesp Automotive Ltd, we have been fixing and replacing differentials in all makes and models of vehicles for years. Whether you need a full-scale repair or some minor maintenance, do not put off booking your appointment. A short phone call to us can be the difference between arriving safely to your destination or not.

Signs Your Differential Needs Repairs:

  • Whirring noises while decelerating to or driving at speeds that exceed 15 mph

  • Rumbling sounds that begin when your vehicle is traveling faster than 15 mph

  • Clunking sounds are persistent and pervasive

  • High-pitched howling is heard when accelerating

  • Banging or skipping occurs when turning a corner

If one or more of these symptoms accurately describes your vehicle, it is a pretty clear indication that there is something not right. If so, bring your car to Hesp Auto as soon as you possibly can.

Not only will our experienced and courteous Vancouver staff find the issue plaguing your differential, we will also run a full diagnostic on the suspension and steering components of your vehicle.

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