When it comes to your tire’s durability and longevity look to the climate. If you live in a place with drastic season changes or exceptionally unpredictable weather, then you can expect to experience more wear and tear than someone who lives in a calmer weather zone. From the heat of the sun and storms to the quality of the terrain you drive on, outdoor elements affect your car tires. This is why tire care is a must! That’s not to say that maintaining functional and durable tires is out of your power. It just means that as a motorist, you need to be slightly more vigilant than a driver who lives in a calmer environment.

Poor tire performance can also be linked to insufficient air and incorrect tire rotation. Overinflated tires are just as much of a problem as inadequate inflation and result in excessive and premature tread wear. Many times costly vehicle repairs can be linked to poor tire performance that could have been easily avoided with basic maintenance like proper wheel alignment and correct balancing of your tires.  This not only protects your investment in your vehicle, but ensures smooth and safe driving.

Here are a few tire care tips to keep your vehicle running and safe on the road:

  • Check tire pressure once a month and especially before long road trips,
  • Under inflated tires resist rolling causing higher fuel consumption,
  • Check regularly for tread depth and ‘wear patterns’ with simple methods provided by a Hesp Automotive Ltd tire specialist.

Not only will our maintenance and inspection crew fix your tire issues, we’ll prevent future problems from arising! You’ll be able to drive hassle free, without worrying about skidding or losing control when driving on a windy day or in a rainstorm. Visit the Hesp Automotive Ltd. auto repair specialists for regular checks to increase the lifespan of your tires and improve overall performance.