Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems work together to keep you safe and comfortable. Together they create the handling and stability that keeps your vehicle connected to the road. The steering system gives you direction control and allows you to guide the vehicle, while the suspension system supports the weight of the vehicle over bumps to keep the wheels on the ground as much as possible and increase traction.

How can you tell if either system is damaged in some way? If your vehicle bounces, sways, squeaks, or is harder to turn the steering wheel, request a diagnostic appointment. Hesp Automotive will conduct a thorough inspection of your steering, suspension and other possible causes for your vehicle handling problems. We’ll take the time to explain our professional diagnosis and discuss the best options for your budget.

Signs that your suspension needs inspection:

  • Your vehicle develops handling difficulties that make you feel unstable, “body lean” in turns, “nose-diving” while braking, or a “bouncing” sensation over bumps.

  • You hear squeaking, especially when turning or braking.

  • It’s harder than usual to turn the steering wheel.

  • One corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others, which could indicate a broken spring.

  • Your tire treads have excessive, unusual, or uneven wear patterns.

  • You see oil, grease or obvious wear on your shocks or struts.

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