Belts and hoses are vital parts of your vehicle’s health. The hoses are like arteries, responsible for carrying life-sustaining fluids to the places which need it and the belts deliver the energy that powers nearly every feature in your car, truck or SUV.

Together they keep the water pump, alternator, power steering, and air-conditioning compressor working properly. If a belt breaks or a hose cracks while the engine is running, it can often lead to serious and potentially dangerous problems that can be extremely expensive to repair. This makes it all the more important to not only have your vehicle’s belts and hoses inspected regularly.

A Hesp Automotive expert inspection can catch the first warning signs of damage to your belts and hoses. Let one of our trained technicians identify any warning signs or concerns before they become a bigger problem.

Signs of failing belts include:

  • Squealing, chirping, screeching or grinding noises under the hood.

  • Power loss to components of your vehicle, such as your A/C, power steering, or alternator.
  • Battery problems.

Signs of failing hoses include:

  • Vehicle becomes overheated due to coolant not being delivered.

  • Leaking fluids, which you may notice pooling beneath your vehicle.
  • Vehicle system failure: Power steering, alternator, engine cooling, brakes, climate control all can be disabled by a belt or hose failure.

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